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M-iQ dishwashers provide the dishwashing capacity at Galaxy Macau

The energy, water and detergent savings provided by the M-iQ dishwashing machines contribute their sustainable ambitions

Galaxy Macau™ is the spectacular Asian resort destination in Macau offering six world class hotels and over 120 restaurants, bars and lounges including eight Michelin standard restaurants.

Facilities include distinctive retail shopping, Asian themed tropical gardens and an exciting and immersive water park adventure for the whole family to enjoy, including the world’s largest Skytop Wave Pool complete with white sand beach, plus waterslides, beach lagoons, white water rapids, geysers, waterfalls and a zone especially created for children.

MEIKO China’s involvement in Galaxy Macau is via its distributor partner Chiming Engineering Co., Ltd, which has completed a project to replace a competitor’s dishwash system in the Galaxy Staff Canteen Dishwashing Area.

MEIKO M-iQ dishwashers provide the majority of the dishwashing capacity. They deliver huge energy and chemical savings compared to MEIKO’s previous dishwasher generation, using 33 % less water and detergent than their predecessors, while delivering a 30 % improved cleaning performance thanks to a high-pressure wash system.

Importantly for Galaxy Macau, the energy, water and detergent savings provided by the M-iQ dishwashing machines contribute to the sustainable ambitions of Galaxy Entertainment Group, which supports the Macau SAR Government’s vision of “Building a Low-Carbon Macao, Creating Green Living Together” and proactively promotes energy conservation and sustainable development.

The list of equipment installed indicates the huge volume of ware involved.

Key items include:

safe glass washing process
The perfect glass washing machine - M-iClean Glass washer

"But I just want to wash up" - is what someone with less experience of glass management in the hotel and catering business might think. What they also want to do, or rather must do: take drinking glasses into consideration as part of the value chain.

The workload for the staff dishwashing area has increased over the years as Galaxy Macau has expanded. MEIKO China and Chiming Engineering Co., Ltd worked together to perfectly fit the increased dishwashing capacity into the original area.

This involved clever design of the dishwash area itself, but also some modifications to equipment to ensure a good fit. Alterations carried out included repositioning the legs on the BTA 240 tray washing machine to accommodate floor drain-age and modifying the food waste flushing trough for the AZP 80 dewatering system to suit the site conditions.

The AZP 80 dewatering system reduces the volume of food waste by up to 80 %, thereby reducing the number of waste collections and the labour needed to move waste around the site.