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The clean solution

Inflight catering

Quick, change the tray sets!

We all know that failing to prepare is preparing to fail – but all the better if you can stay flexible, too! That is a daily challenge at airports. MEIKO dishwashing machines are ideally suited to do this.

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Full throttle ahead – let's beat those costs.

Every extra ounce on board counts, as does every drop of water and chemical on the ground, not to mention energy use. MEIKO professional dishwashing machines for businesses are the best in the world at saving resources. So the costs won't reach the clouds.


Everything changes in flight, even in the catering team.

Staff changes, crew rotations, shift exchanges – at least MEIKO dishwashing machines are a constant! Technology that is easy to understand and operate. No matter which crew is on hand that day. And, just in case, our service and maintenance team are reliable, too.

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Clean solutions for inflight catering
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Perfectly aligned with the processes in in-flight catering: MEIKO warewashing technology

Downtimes on the ground are the most expensive time for airlines. The processes at the world's airports are therefore accelerated. Warewashing technology also has to be able to keep up here. Running times of 20 hours a day are therefore not a problem – MEIKO warewashing technology stands for the highest reliability and for extremely durable products. Burdens from energy, water and operating costs are manageable here since MEIKO sets standards for consumption thanks to heat recovers and German engineering skill. The same applies to hygiene, since we hold to the highest standards.

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Sparkling clean washware – no compromises.

The same cleanliness rules apply in the air as on the ground: keep it clean! MEIKO washes at full power. Discover our professional dishwashing machines.

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