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emergency:  +43.(0)1.6992039-0

Control centre /Allocation of technicians: daytime

  •     Tel.:  +43.(0)1.6992039
  •     Fax: +43.(0)1.6992039.23 
  •     E-Mail: service@meiko.at
  •     Daily, incl. Fri, Sat, Sun and public holidays until 20:00 hrs
  •     Calls are diverted to one of 4 on-duty technicians
  •     Immediate troubleshooting service throughout the sales region


MEIKO customer service


MEIKO customer service is rolled out throughout the sales region to be able to react quickly and efficiently (there are currently 31 service technicians for site call-out).


The service includes:


  •     Assembly
  •     Commissioning, initial training
  •     Maintenance/maintenance agreements
  •     Repairs


All service buses are fully equipped with spare parts.


Over 98% of all repairs are completed immediately during the first call-out.