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The clean solution

Industrial dish washing machine UPster H

The new generation of industrial dish washing machines for all those who need speed, demand premium quality but want to stick to a budget.
Wave water
wash pump ensuring gentle treatment
Wash pumps with a delicate touch

Wash pumps with a delicate touch

The MEIKO UPster is designed for dishes, cups and saucers, but is equally capable as a high performance machine for cleaning glassware. Easy to clean, a smooth stainless steel finish and a simple, easy to read operating display all make for a machine pleasant to the eye. But what's inside counts the most. Optimised wash and rinse system, flawless tank design and unique filtration system. The UPster ® H 500 offers all the space you'll need with a rack measuring 500 x 500 mm and a roomy opening height of 440 mm. Even serving trays, large dishes and tall beer glasses don't pose a problem. They just slide right into the UPster® H 500 . Push down the hood handle and presto: the automatic start-up starts the wash cycle. An added bonus – when the hood is lifted steam vents to the rear, not into the face of the operator. So much convenience makes work virtually a pleasure.


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