The clean solution

Individually we're streams. Together we're an ocean.

MEIKO belongs to a number of networks and forums around the world

NAFES focuses on bringing together specialist suppliers to enhance the standing of the industry through ethical business practices

NAFES promotes progress, education, and co-operation with regulatory agencies and recognizes individual achievement by companies and individuals in the development of the foodservice industry in Australia.

FCSI Network

Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI) is an international association of professional planners and consultants in the hotel, restaurant and foodservice trades, catering, tourism and related sectors. More than 1,300 members from over 40 countries across five continents regularly use this platform to share their experiences and to offer professional solutions to meet real-life challenges. As a patron member, MEIKO is proud to be able to offer its support to the FCSI. We regard the FCSI as an important institution in the industry and as an association that promotes a strong code of values.

Culinaria Network

We can’t tackle the biggest challenges on our own. We have a mission to make the world a cleaner, more hygienic place, and to that end we deliberately seek out competent partners to bring on board. For example, we work with our partners MKN and Hupfer in the Culinaria Network towards more quality, diversity and cleanliness in contemporary commercial kitchens. This network has made a conscious choice to use MEIKO equipment.


The German Healthcare Export Group (GHE) e.V. encompasses fast-growing companies in the medical devices industry – companies that produce the best German-made technology for hygienic solutions worldwide. MEIKO plays an active part in this group, using it as a platform for frequent exchanges of experience in the export business. This helps MEIKO to provide clean, hygienic service to even more people.