The clean solution

Machine cleaning of respiratory protective equipment

Quick, gentle on materials and safe

Rescue workers expose themselves to danger, risking their health to safe lives. Meiko has been helping to provide the best possible protection against carcinogenic combustion residues by delivering high-quality machines for cleaning respiratory protective equipment since 2011.

We work with firefighters to develop solutions for firefighters to use in cleaning and disinfecting equipment, while remaining gentle on the materials. We also plan respiratory protective equipment workshops with a focus on RPE technician safety since they are exposed to carcinogenic residues on the personal protective equipment (PPE) when they clean it.

In July 2022, the International Agency for Research on Cancer – part of the World Health Organization – classified firefighting as a cancer-causing occupation. Firefighters have a significantly higher risk of developing cancer than the general population. Here at MEIKO Protect, we are doing everything we can to look after rescue workers' health – before, during and after a fire. After all, we have a common goal: protecting life.

TopClean D

  • Preliminary cleaning and pre-cleaning
  • Great cleaning performance, combating soot and more 
  • Patented compressed air connection
  • No cross-contamination
  • For 4 complete self contained breathing apparatuses or 12 BA masks

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TopClean M

  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Regulators and self-contained breathing apparatuses are constantly pressurised
  • Modular rack system
  • For 8 regulators, 4 BA masks, 1 SCBA harness, 1 compressed air bottle

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TopClean H

  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • The automatic hood system means washware can be pushed through
  • Ideal for keeping the clean and dirty sides separate
  • Modular rack system
  • For 6 BA masks, 8 regulators

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  • Modular rack system: base rack + inserts + accessories
  • Separation is clear and small parts are held securely in place
  • For BA masks, self-contained breathing apparatuses, regulators, compressed air bottles, combination attachments, helmets

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1. Technology

Machine pre-cleaning, cleaning and disinfection in a sealed system. MEIKO can make it happen. These systems were developed in conjunction with the fire service to offer the best possible protection to BA mask wearers and RPE technicians.

2. Planning

We will plan your respiratory protective equipment workshop to be future-proof and cost-effective, whether it is a small RPE workshop serving a voluntary fire service, a large hygiene centre serving heavy industry or anything in between. MEIKO employees are here to bring their expertise  to your table. 

3. Service

We provide regular maintenance on MEIKO appliances to help them last. Our Service technicians offer speedy and reliable assistance for maximum operational reliability ­­­– even in hard-to-reach locations.

4. Chemicals

When cleaning your respiratory protective equipment, always obey the manufacturer's instructions for handling your PPE. You can download instructions for use of our machines from MEIKO PartnerNet.  MEIKO Service  will be happy to help if you have questions.

5. Academy

Hygiene, disinfection, legal requirements. Our  in-house and visiting experts  are here to bring you the latest expertise. We offer in-person training at our MEIKO Academy, on-site at fire stations and online options. See our current MEIKO Protect courses here.

6. Connect

High connectivity thanks to a WLAN and Bluetooth interface. Fast data exchange simplifies documentation and monitoring of operating costs.

The respiratory protective equipment workshop

Would you like to machine clean your PPE with ease? Take a look through the eyes of an RPE technician of a voluntary fire service. Follow the BA masks on their journey from the dirty to the clean side through:

  • Pre-cleaning
  • Cleaning & disinfection
  • Drying
  • Seal testing
  • Storage

Would you like to visit this RPE workshop? Contact us!