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Hashtags: #fireandcancer and #meikoprotect:

We must not underestimate the cancer risk from fire. We must protect everyone in the fire service.

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Vera A.

I had never heard about fire increasing cancer risk until I started dealing with Meiko. We hear very little about it in Tyrol. But now I know how important it is to separate the clean and dirty areas of the SCBA workshop and to properly disinfect the respiratory protective equipment.

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Martin S.

Prevention is better than a cure, precaution is better than hindsight

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Finn W.

Hashtags: #fireandcancer and #meikoprotect


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For more than ten years, MEIKO has been developing appliances with fire services, for services to clean and disinfect respiratory protective and other fire service equipment. SCBA technicians especially benefit from cleaning and disinfection solutions for respiratory protective equipment.

MEIKO Protect solution for the SCBA workshop